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Anthony Pereira - Portugal
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About Anthony Pereira:

With an academic path in Hotel Management, Anthony Pereira has been for the last 20 years an intricate and essential part of the Libertos Mealha Group, being one of the main arms that supports it. In national and international circles he has become a very important person connected to the nighttime life and the events that involve it.
The media characterize Anthony Pereira as "one of the main personalities of the portuguese nightlife". However, this is due to the fact that he is an incontestable host, surrounding himself with friends and famous people that become part of a fine mesh that once you enter will last a lifetime.

What i have accomplished until today is the result of a great team that has great loyalty to the Group Liberto Mealha. The success of this work group is reflected in the results, which everybody can witness. My role has always been to act on behalf of my will, and so create strategies for its success.